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Posted on 22 December, 2015

We congratulate the following teenagers on ocassion of their baptism.

Amy Cornwall's father is a church elder and she has reached Grade 8 in singing and violin lessons, demonstrating her talent with a delightful solo at the church's Annual Toy Service. She also plays in the orchestra and with the group visiting care homes. Despite her God-given talent she is not planning to use it professionally and is hoping to study to become a dentist.

Cousins Luke Stickland and Ben Elias were baptised by Luke's father, Pastor Nathan Stickland. Both boys have grandfathers who were ministers and both were involved with the Voice of Prophecy Bible School before retirement. Luke's grandfather and Ben's great grandfather were conference presidents.

They are also both the grandson's of long-standing members of this church, Brian and Cecelia Davison. Both boys are learning to play the drums and are apprentices in the church's audio-visual department.

Also received into fellowship on this occasion was Draupadi Ruiz who was baptised earlier in the year at Stanborough School.