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Jazz-loving new minister at 'The Park'

Posted on 01 January, 2016

The new face joining the ministerial team in the new year a  jazz-lover who has played percussion and drums in a Christian jazz band for the past five years.

 Pastor Geert Tap, a Dutch national, has spent the past four years as the minister of the Central London Adventist Church, where he introduced many innovative ideas, following a period of 14 years spent as Dean of Men and Chaplain at the domination's theological college near Bracknell.


"Music has always played a big role in my life. I love making music and love the interaction it brings with others. I love to use it during worship services as much as I can. ..... jazz-styled hymns get new life and possibly new meaning too," Pastor Tap explains.


"Currently I play percussion and drums and sing in a Christian Jazz Band called 'Resonance', in which we have been working on material for the last 5 years. Hopefully this new year we might be able to produce our first album. It mainly consists of good old hymns, 'repackaged' in a new cover. I believe that there is a place for pretty much every style of music, as long as Jesus is at the centre, and the musicians and singers give glory to Him alone. In the end I believe that's why God gave us the inspiration and ministry of creating music, to glorify the Creator Himself."


Becoming a minister was not his first career choice. "I never anticipated becoming a pastor. In my late teens and early 20's I dreamed of becoming an artist. I loved painting and any other creative arts using canvas or paper. The plan was to attend Art College and then make a living through this. In the 80's most of the artist in the Netherlands were becoming unemployed." However, it was during his spell of national service which he spent working with mentally handicapped children and the elderly that he decided to train as a pastor.


His main role at Stanborough Park Church will be with the youth and responsibility for the contemporary services, something for which he is ideally suited. "I believe my strengths lie in the areas of worship, music, youth and 'thinking outside the box.' I have a strong desire to reintroduce the arts into our times of worship. Music, dance and drama are wonderful ways we can use our bodies to glorify its Maker."


Like his fellow countrymen, Pastor Tap is equally at home on two wheels and lists cycling as one of his other hobbies although he finds it more of a challenge in this country. "Bikers seem to be invisible and the roads are like Swiss cheese!" However, he has undertaken sponsored cycle rides, raising almost £5,000 to date for charity. "I did the challenges because they were for good causes, but they also 'forced' me to train regularly and schedule the rides into a busy schedule."


The Tap family, Miranda, a consultant at 3M with whom he has just celebrated his silver wedding anniversary, and daughter Melody, currently studying for a Master's degree in Manchester following obtaining a B.Sc in Marine Vertebrate Zoology, currently live in a village near High Wycombe.