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A Senior's Moment

Posted on 10 March, 2016

Completing two decades in a particular church office may not be unusual within the denomination but the efforts of Rosemary 'Romy' Barham, who has just stood down after completing 20 years as Leader of the Seniors Club at Stanborough Park Church, certainly deserves recognition.

The club meets fortnightly in The Stanborough Centre and is an outreach activity which has proved very popular with two-thirds of its members coming from the local community. According to residents of Beken Court, a nearby retirement complex, who have attended the meetings Romy has done a splendid job in her time as leader.

Romy took on the role of Leader of the Seniors Club at the church following her retirement as a local physiotherapist. She has certainly been the longest-running leader in the history of the club but feels the time has come to hand over to a younger leader. So at the first meeting of the year on 11th January it was decided to recognise the great contribution she had made to the club during her time in office.

Church elder, Paul Bellamy, who has the responsibility for overseeing the running of the club commented, "To show appreciation Jean Hinks, on behalf of the Club, presented Romy with a bouquet of flowers and a huge vote of thanks for her dedicated and enthusiastic care of the Club over so many years. Taking over Romy's role, Amanda Powell acknowledged the contribution Romy has made in the past and expressed appreciation for the support she had received in the handover."

Romy is not entirely cutting her ties with the club and will continue to support it as a member of the team. Commenting on her time as leader she said, "I am still on the team and finding the speakers but Amanda is taking over the responsibility which is nice. I have really enjoyed the last 20 years and have had a wonderful team. We have made many friends from the people who come." As for her future plans now that she will have more time available for leisure Romy says, "I am always busy and I can do more visiting."