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Stanborough Park Adventurers/Pathfinders Investiture

Posted on 13 March, 2016

“Let the Whole World Know, We are on God’s Side, Let the Whole World Know, He’s a Friend and Guide”, joyfully and lustily sang the Adventurers and Pathfinders during Investiture Service, Sabbath, 6 February 2016. The certificates were issued by Pastor Kevin Johns, South England Conference, Pathfinder Director and the Investiture Charge was given by Vernon Noel, Area 7 Pathfinder Coordinator.

Operating under the theme, “Consecrated for God’s Service”, 2015 was a year of endless, exciting activities.  Topping the list was the club excelling at Area Level in the Pathfinder Bible Experience and continuing with that outstanding performance right up to the International Level in Texas.  At the time of writing, the participants in PBE 2016, have already attained firsts at Area and Conference Levels and are on target to score another first at Division Level.

Added to that excitement, was the club teaming up with Chaplaincy to visit members of the Community. One such visit resulted in the Guides responding to a Senior Citizen’s cry for help to clean her garden. This was accomplished in May, worked tirelessly and enthusiastically under the guidance of an experienced gardener and his son.  

Another highlight of the year was the investiture of Yetunde Bright and Adebukola Ayo-ipaye as Master Guides in addition to Florence Allen and Eileen Hussey being issued Pathfinder Leadership Award Certificates on the 24 October 2015.  To God be the Glory, for the baptism of Pathfinder, Deelan Bermeo Espinal, culminating in 12 baptisms over a four year period.

There were challenges but, with prayer most of the activities planned were accomplished.  For example, each of the three scheduled campouts was threatened by inclement weather.  However, the children’s faith in God has been strengthened as prayers for good weather were answered.  On one occasion the rain did not begin until the last tent was stored away.

Fundraisers were also challenging, the planned 24 hour Badminton was changed to 14 hours but with God’s help raised £1750.  Sometimes, the Carwashes were aborted due to extreme weather conditions but with prayers the club still manged to raise more than £3000 doing pampering sessions and massages. Yes, Stanborough Park Adventurers and Pathfinders are continuing to experience that nothing is too hard for the Lord. (Jer. 32:17).
Florence Allen
Picture: Daniel Sabatier