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Stanborough Summer Concert raises £1700 for Church Development Fund

Posted on 20 July, 2016

The final programme in the first half year concert series run by Stanborough Park Church's Music Department under the leader ship of Jieun Ahn was well attended and raised an amazing total of £1700 for the church's Development Fund. You can now view the pictures or watch it online where it's already had over 600 views.

Many of those attending who were not regular worshippers at the church, including people from other local Adventist churches as well as many from other denominations who would have heard about the concert through 'Christians Across Watford'. SEC Media made an unexpected visit and filmed the concert and interviewed some of the people afterwards.

Entitled 'The Lord's Prayer' the programme included many well-loved hymns for congregational singing as well as items sung by the main church choir and smaller groups and instrumental items performed by the church's orchestra and other groups of musicians of all ages, all demonstrating the high standard and talent to be found within the church.

The music was interspersed with readings and 'The Lord's Prayer' was performed at the beginning by the orchestra and sung by the choir just before the final congregational hymn. The other music blended in well with the theme, varying from modern hymns such as 'Morning has broken' to the traditional 'Love divine all loves excelling', including other favourites such as 'I will sing the wondrous story' , 'Immortal, invisible, God only wise' and 'Come we that love the Lord'.

ConductorAs the conductor Jieun Ahn was in a unique position to hear both performers and congregation. "The people in the congregation made a wonderful harmony in each congregational hymn together with the musicians! It was an awesome experience for me personally. To sing in between the whole congregation in front of me and choir and orchestra behind me, it was a tremendous experience, indeed. I am so sorry that I was the only one in that position," she said later.

After the concert organiser Jieun was full of praise for the performers, thanking the musicians in particular, "especially all the young people, for their extremely hard work and their full positive and willingness!!! None of the young people complained with any single word for months’ hard work. In fact, they all said that they felt so much blessed. And, they asked me to make another one again soon and they are more than happy to participate."

She added, "It was full of blessings working with you as we were preparing for the concert under God’s name." Continuing, "Every single step we walked together, whether it was easy or hard, it’s been full of God’s blessings and grace. Each single item, I felt we were in God’s hand and with so much of His blessings. And, towards the end of the concert I have felt that I was tasting a bit of heaven. I had to hold tears rolling down. I have received so many emails and calls and text messages since last night "

The new concert series commences in September after the summer break. Those wishing to receive news of forthcoming events, can email