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Volunteer working party assembles to help keep church grounds neat and tidy

Posted on 28 August, 2016

VolunteersStanborough Park Church has long been referred to as ‘the church in the woods’ but its wooded and grassy surroundings need regular maintenance to keep them looking their best and complementing the recently-altered church building. To reduce costs the basic grounds maintenance has always been undertaken by the deacons who are dab hands with lawn mowers and brooms. However, occasionally the needs are greater than they can manage on their own and reinforcements are required.

Following an appeal to members Head Deacon, Bernell Bussue reports that “near perfect mild conditions greeted a group of deacons, deaconesses and members’” who arrived on Sunday, August 15 ready to tackle whatever tasks awaited them.

He continued, “We are blessed with a beautiful house of worship so maintaining the overall environment of grounds and building needs willing volunteers to help keep down unnecessary expenditure.”

It seems that this activity is likely to become a regular fixture in the church calendar, especially during the growing season as he adds, “This is the second time this year such activity has taken place and is part of the effort to hold down church spending as the congregation and friends of the church continue to raise funds to pay down the debt of our Sanctuary refurbishment and extension.”